The Parish Council has suspended further public meetings in line with Government advice. The business of the Council will be conducted under a Temporary Scheme of Delegation passed by resolution at an Extraordinary Meeting on 20th March 2020.

The Parish Council RESOLVED that in response to the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK and in the event that it is not possible to convene a meeting of the council in a reasonable time, the Clerk shall have delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the council where such decision cannot reasonably be deferred and must be made in order to comply with a commercial or statutory deadline. This will be carried out where possible by consultation with members by electronic means or telephone. The clerk will further consult with the chairman for guidance as necessary. The delegation does not extend to matters expressly reserved to the council in legislation or in its Standing Orders or Financial Regulations. Any decisions made under this delegation must be recorded in writing and must be published in accordance with the relevant regulations. This delegated authority ceases upon the first meeting of the council after the council meeting at which the delegation was put in place.

This page will hold details of all of the decisions that are made and the reasons for them.  For Planning Applications that have a set timescale for response the Parish Council will issue an email advising residents of the application and give details of how residents can make comments to the Parish Council should they wish to do so. The email will include a link to the actual application to enable residents go view the application on the District Council website.

Should anyone have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk on 

DateDecision MakerAdvice taken fromDecision
Mon 13th Dec, 2021Parish ClerkCouncillors21/03183/DOM - Church Hill Cottage Itchenor Road West Itchenor PO20 7DL Single storey rear extension. West Itchenor Parish Council has no objection to this application.
Mon 11th May, 2020Parish ClerkCouncillorsWI/20/00964/TCA - Oak Tree Cottage, Itchenor Notification of intention to fell 1no. Eucalyptus Tree (T1). West Itchenor Parish Council has no objection to this application
Mon 11th May, 2020Parish ClerkCouncillorsWI/20/00959/DOM – Vivenda, The Street, Itchenor Installation of 10 no.photovoltaic solar panels to roof of existing garage. West Itchenor Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons; • The eastern side of the garage roof is clearly visible from The Street, the historic core of the village. • Given its setting, the proposal is considered to be unduly prominent and therefore detrimental to the character or the appearance of the Conservation Area.
Mon 11th May, 2020Parish ClerkCouncillorsWI/20/01012/DOM - Wheelhouse, Spinney Lane, Itchenor Proposed swimming pool and raised deck in connection with the residential dwelling Wheelhouse. West Itchenor Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons; • The garden of the property slopes down towards the sea and forms part of the flood plain. The raising up of the ground to accommodate a swimming pool will remove part of that valuable flood plain. • The parapet on the sea side of the pool would be detrimental to the views from the harbour. • Although it is noted that grass banks will be used to soften the visual impact, these do not cover the openings to the two bunkers/rooms under the pool. • The West Itchenor Village Design Statement (2nd edition 2012) gives design guidance for development within the village. Firstly, that views of the village from the water and footpaths need to be protected from development which detracts from the rural and historic character of the village, and more specifically for Spinney Lane; that high walls that can be seen from the harbour, fields and footpaths should be discouraged.
Mon 6th Apr, 2020Parish ClerkCouncillrsByways, Pier Point Road, Itchenor WI/20/00634/DOM West Itchenor Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons: Although the proposed extensions fall within the 50% footprint and 25% silhouette rules for the AONB, the adopted Joint Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, supplementary planning document states under Clause 12.3 that “the acceptability of any increase in size (whether within the guideline limits or not) will be dependent on whether the site can accommodate the increase while still respecting local character by reflecting the surrounding pattern of development and spaces between buildings”. The proposed larger dwelling does not respect the spaces between houses in this part of the village. Additionally, the application makes no reference to the West Itchenor Village Design Statement (VDS). The dwelling lies within Character Area 2, The Street (and historic core) and the design guidance (2.8) states that “Tile hanging and prefabricated flintwork on the main elevations will be discouraged”. The materials proposed in this application do not conform to these guidelines and are out of keeping with the overall character of properties in that location. The VDS in Village Wide Guideline 1 discourages further infilling between houses where this harms character of the area. Byways occupies a small site. We consider that the proposed increase is incompatible with the size of the site. This proposal significantly reduces the gap between the dwelling and the neighbouring dwellings (Pilot Cottage and Riverside).